Alasdair BakerOmira, Omira Property Group 董事

Alasdair BakerOmira, Omira Property Group 董事

我接手的第一个开发项目就是与 DFP 主任们合作的。在为目前这个项目寻找成熟融资伙伴时,我决定再次携手 DFP,因为这样能确保我们的项目获得顺利开展的最佳机会。

DFP 团队从业已久,他们清楚知道怎样才能集合恰当的融资让项目顺利进行。他们还有广泛的行业人际网络,这些人脉能确保我们与适当的当事人一起合作并找到我们所需要的资金。


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Alasdair Baker, Director, Omira Property Group

I have worked with the Directors of DFP on my very first development project I ever undertook. When looking for a sound finance partner on this current project I decided to partner with DFP again to ensure our project had the best chance of getting off the ground.
The DFP team have been in the industry for a very long time and have an in depth knowledge of what it takes to get the right finance package together to get a project going. They also have a very extensive database of good industry contacts and were able to work with us to ensure the right parties came together to get the funding we required.
We needed finance with no presale requirements and that is exactly what we got. Our project would not be coming out of the ground as we speak if we had gone the traditional major bank route and delays cost money and potentially even the whole project. Essentially the funds they have arranged have allowed us to get started and in turn finish quicker which is a key to delivering a successful project.

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