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Construction Facility No Pre-Sales Stage 4 Covid-19 Lock Down Melbourne, Victoria $11,000,000

BACKGROUND Development Finance Partners (DFP) was engaged by its builder/developer client to procure funding for a 4 level, 19 apartment project to be constructed in suburban Melbourne.   THE KEY ISSUE IN SOURCING FUNDS While the client was seeking a competitive funding package with no pre sales. The escalation of the Covid-19 crisis in Melbourne […]


Cheap Money Isn’t Easy Money When It Comes To Development Funding

The current economic climate has had a profound effect on the property development sector, particularly on the way projects are financed. While interest rates are low, lenders are few and far between Interest rates are currently at a record low and are expected to remain low over the coming years as a result of the […]


Banter with Baxter (Part 1 of 5): Banter with Andrew Blundell from Worrells

DFP Director Baxter Gamble chats with Andrew Blundell from Worrells Accountancy and Insolvency. In the first of a series of 5 videos, Baxter chats with Andrew about the current challenges that builder-developers are facing given the unprecedented market conditions.  


First Mortgage Facility for luxury home purchase – Sorrento VIC

BACKGROUND DFP was engaged by the borrower to obtain a first mortgage facility for the settlement of a purchase of a luxury residential home located in Sorrento, Victoria. The borrower notified DFP to arrange urgent finance for the settlement of the property after approaching a number of banks with little success in the current market.  […]


A Development and Funding Update from the Trenches

In today’s rapidly changing economic landscape, developers must remain up to date with what is happening on the front line. DFP have a deep understanding of the impact that current events are having on projects and funding, from the negotiation phase through to completion.  Funding in the current environment is the toughest we’ve seen it. […]


Residual Stock First Mortgage Facility for equity cash out

BACKGROUND DFP had been engaged by the borrower to obtain a first mortgage residual stock facility to provide cash equity out of a single residual apartment in a previous development completed by the group. The client has recently commenced a new project and wanted to use the equity in the apartment to start project early […]


16 Things Developers Should Be Doing To Keep Moving In the COVID-19 Crisis

The global pandemic of COVID-19 is creating an unprecedented world for everyone – including developers – and the uncertainty is wreaking havoc on businesses in all industries across the country.  In Australia, COVID-19 is currently the biggest threat to our economy. Soon after the world health crisis was announced, the Reserve Bank dropped the interest […]


Residual Stock Finance For Newly Completed Townhouses – Beckenham, W.A.

PROJECT BACKGROUND Refinance of residual Stock, for newly completed townhouses to help a developer meet their obligations during wildly fluctuating market conditions as a result of the COVID-19.   LOCATION OF PROJECT Beckenham W.A.   DEVELOPMENT The development is comprised of 7 Boutique single level residences.   THE DEVELOPER The development group commenced development of […]


Risky Business: What Areas Should Developers Be Looking At To Reduce Risk?

Australia’s property industry has beckoned in the new decade with an astonishing recovery, offering an environment that seems very far removed from the strict lending conditions and declining optimism that the market faced in 2019 – but that doesn’t mean developers should stop looking to minimise risk across their assets. A new month in review […]


Development Finance Partners March 2020 Market Update

Development Finance Partners Director Baxter Gamble discusses how the Coronavirus crisis and the recent RBA rate cuts are impacting the Australian Property Development Market. Watch the video.    

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