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Project Advisory

Case Study: Land Bank & Subdivision Loan South Western Sydney, $7.7 Million

Development Finance Partners (DFP) was engaged to assist its clients to procure land acquisition and subdivision finance for a 26 lot residential project in South Western Sydney. Based on a high level of exchanged pre-sale contracts, DFP was able to successfully negotiate a facility based on an 82% loan to cost ratio and 71% to gross realisable value, net of GST. The facility was approved subject to typical lending conditions precedent including: Council Development Consent Approved Construction Certificate Fixed price […]

Construction Funding for Residential Apartments, Brisbane ($13M loan, 90% development costs)

The Client required Development Finance Partners (DFP) to finance the acquisition of the site via company share sale agreement and finance the construction costs associated the development of thirty-eight (38) residential apartments located in Brisbane, Qld. The Property Development Project’s Key Issues Developers had no development experience. Acquisition of the site had to be settled via a share sale agreement. Developers price list was well below market rates. Valuation came in significantly lower than land purchase price. Not enough presales […]

An Australian Recession? – What It Means for Property Development Funding

Australian economic outlook - impact on property, construction funding

There has been a lot of media coverage and street talk recently around whether or not Australia might dip into Recession in the 2016 calendar year. Development Finance Partner Director Baxter Gamble assesses this outlook and what it means for property and construction development funding. Adding to the recent media coverage has been the language of the RBA in the April report whereby they stated they wouldn’t rule out a possible rate cut in the coming months. The outcome will obviously depend […]

Effecting Tax Structuring For Property Developers

By David Kenney, Partner, Hall Chadwick As a tax adviser, there is nothing more frustrating than landing a great new client in a terrible structure. Small to medium developers often use a fresh entity/structure for each development to isolate risk, so they aren’t as susceptible as clients in other industries to structural problems, however, this doesn’t mean that the wrong structure can’t result in you donating far more tax than you otherwise would have on a particular development. My advice […]

Case Study: Property Advisory

Neighborhood from air

Review DA and conduct feasibility on costs for a clients regional property

Case Study: Property Advisory


How we advised clients on what could be achieved via their equity in an old block of units

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