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Combined, the directors of Development Finance Partners have successfully facilitated over $2 billion dollars in funding packages for their clients and have a proud history of landmark projects and transactions which they successfully structured and settled.
Some examples are provided in the case studies below.

$70 Million Corporate Equity Injection – Melbourne Development Group

Background/Issues Steller Group are a Melbourne based property developer who were looking for an equity partner to provide capital across a pipeline of 14 projects vs providing private funding for projects on an individual basis. Steller wanted the flexibility to apply funds across its entire portfolio of existing and planned developments instead of the more […]


Residential Land Subdivision in Sydney $3.8m loan; 55% on Gross Realisation

Background/Issues A new Client approached DFP with a project which included a JV with the Vendor; They were having trouble with how to model the staged project given the land sub division would then be followed by a medium density development Scope DFP was engaged to provide a staged funding solution Results DFP modelled the […]


Land Bank then Construction Funding – Luxury Home, Sunshine Coast

How DFP helped an experienced Brisbane Property Developer obtain funding for a luxury development making sure he could keep moving on new projects


Helping a Melbourne Developer Overcome Construction Funding Hurdles for A Staged Residential Land Subdivision

How DFP helped a Melbourne developer overcome construciton finance hurdles for Residential Land Subdivision


Achieving no pre-sales construction finance for a Brisbane residential development

Why a previous client trusted DFP to deliver a no pre-sales finance solution that was not possible through the banks.


Provision of Commercial Loan for 55% of Valuation, Potts Point NSW

How DFP helped an existing client secure an additional commercial property in Potts Point, NSW with short term leases in place for 55% of valuation to help realise their development goal.


Preferential Equity vs Joint Venture Funding

How sound finance advice helped a Brisbane Property Developer improve projected earnings whilst maintaining control of their development.


Land Bank Funding for 60% of Valuation for South Coast Short Stay Accommodation

How a South Coast Property Developer over came funding hurdles for a 16 villa residential development.

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