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Development Funding – What are the real property development costs involved?

When looking at property development costs, the two most common questions from property developers are: “What is the “all up” rate of the bank’s facility?” – i.e. BBSY (Bank Bill Rate) plus Margin plus Line Fee; and “How high is the rate for Mezzanine Debt?” What many do not realise is that the common answers […]


Navigate today’s commercial property market trends and overcome the pre-sales hurdle

What we’re seeing in the property development industry today As we continue to move into the downward part of the credit, property and economic cycles the wider Property Development industry is feeling the pressure. Slowing presales and On Completion sales rates Falling demand for sites is forcing Valuers to retreat and price downside risk Increased […]


Our Domestic Credit Squeeze – The Perfect Storm and Opportunity for the RBA & Property Developers

A perfect storm occurs when several weather systems collide and, often there are potentially damaging consequences. The depressed credit conditions we are currently experiencing is analogous to this scenario. The credit cycle which is (shown below) demonstrates how the natural expansion and contraction of access to credit occurs over time. Not surprisingly the credit cycle’s […]


How property developers can thrive in a changing economy

Development Finance Partners launched their first Property Developer Luncheon Series in October 2015. Luncheons were held in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane the week commencing the 26th of October, attended by over 200 developers and advisors. Director of Development Finance Partners, Matthew Royal shared how global and local economic factors were placing pressure on Australia’s major banks […]


Development Finance Partners recognised as one of Australia’s most innovative and fastest growing companies

Development Finance Partners was included as one of smartest and fastest growing small to medium sized businesses at Australian online business publication SmartCompany’s Smart 50 Awards held in Melbourne on the 29th of October. The Smart50 Awards recognise fast – growing independent Australian companies that have verified an increase in revenue year on year, for the past three years. SmartCompany […]



The serious impact that the current credit squeeze is having on the property development industry has been well reported by both DFP and widely broadcasted by the wider press. Globally we are all bearing witness to the volatility in markets created by sudden regulatory and monetary policy.


Why Banks are suddenly tightening lending policies

On the 8th of Oct 2014, we published an article titled “Are Property Developer’s Prepared” foreshadowing the macro prudential credit squeeze that’s now occuring in the Australian Property and Construction Finance Market and the likely resulting consequence’s. The overheated Sydney and Melbourne property markets has been blamed as the primary causal factor. However, the trigger […]


Credit squeeze in construction and development finance – What is the cause and what you can do about it!

Being in the business of helping Property Developers access finance for their projects, we are one of the first to notice when banks start to tighten their funding practices. At Development Finance Partners, we’ve been warning developers for months that they will find it harder to access finance for Development Finance and Construction Finance. So […]


Federal Budget 2015 – Summary and Property Outlook

In this article we summarize what the 2015 Federal Budget means for consumers and businesses. We also provide an outlook on what the roll-on effect of this year’s budget is for the Property and Construction sectors. The 2015 fiscal estimate presented this week has 3 key objectives: Incentivising the growth of the economy Making cost savings […]


Why The Banks Aren’t To Blame For Tighter Funding Conditions

What’s behind the Banks beginning to tighten their funding policies and how developers can overcome funding hurdles.

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