City Quarter

City Quarter


Sterling Estates Pty Limited 及其子公司。



为了购买以前的亚历山大皇家儿童医院 (Royal Alexandria Hospital for Children) 并协助客户,为其在 5.7 公顷城市村庄环境下修建的逾 1000 套带商业和零售场所的一排并列公寓寻找资金。


地盘标书有待重新划分土地用途,即从医院改为住宅,不幸的是,客户接洽了银行,而银行鉴于工地内在的风险(即石棉和营运 150 年来倒在工地上的其它物品造成的肆意污染)要求提前获得股权。客户在周四接洽了主任,请求他在下周一解决贷款事宜,前提是贷款人不能参股。











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Riviera Mackay


5 – 7 Nelson Street
Mackay, QLD


64 Residential Apartments

The Developer

Riviera Mackay Management

The Brief

DFP and its team were provided with a brief to convert the DA for 42 luxury apartments that had no market appeal, into a more suitable development based on the demographics and geographic’s of the site.
DFP were further requested to provide a funding solution to take the development through the reconfiguration of DA to the completion of the building, whilst having to manage the fact that 70% of the sales to be achieved where to until holders within the borrowing entity and therefore, not arm’s length.

The Solution

DFP’s Project Director David Hume and Director Baxter Gamble worked in partnership providing the extensive skill base to overcome the hurdles presented. DFP team achieved a reconfiguration of the DA in 16 weeks to allow 64, 1 and 2 bedroom units to be built, improving the site value significantly.
David Hume was appointed Development Manger dealing with all fascists third party appointments, and tendering to insure a timely and efficient delivery of the building. Baxter Gamble with his Credit Team provided a funding package to 75% of TDC whilst having the underwriter agree to accepting the non-arm’s length pre sales.

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