DFP partner with The Urban Developer to set Australian developers up for success

DFP partner with The Urban Developer to set Australian developers up for success

Last month, DFP partnered with The Urban Developer to host a workshop designed to help developers understand the essential criteria that bank and non-bank lenders are seeking in the current market.

The Project Funding Essentials course was held at locations in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane in early April and delivered invaluable intel to a dedicated audience of established and up-and-coming Australian developers.

The workshop addressed the volatile nature of the current property market, as funding markets continue to tighten and sourcing project finance becomes increasingly complex.

The workshop aimed to give attendees a comprehensive overview of development funding from financing terms and conditions to lending ratios for different project types, and to offer property developers a clear strategy for success in the current environment. The event structure also approached the bigger industry questions, such as how Australia’s leading property developers are using corporate loans notes to gain an advantage in the market.

The speaker for the workshop was co-founder of DFP, Matthew Royal, who drew on his extensive background and practical experience in the property development and investment industries to help the attendees gain an insight into the financial market.

Matthew has participated in negotiating and consummating several significant property development and investment acquisitions and joint ventures, as well as being responsible for finance raising and due diligence processes at DFP – and he drew on this experience to ensure that he was able to walk the attendees through complex financial problems, in an easy-to-comprehend way.

He was able to provide real-life case studies and interactive learning so that attendees could complete the workshop with an understanding of key financing terms and benchmarks used by Australia’s banks and financiers, and take these learnings back to their own projects and businesses.

DFP ultimately helps property developers facilitate construction and development finance to suit their specific objectives, while also aiding retail consumer finance loans. Matthew’s role involves managing the more complex advisory engagements and also delivering a number of the educational events that DFP offer.

The Urban Developer’s National Events Director, David Di Marco, said the leading urban development news site and DFP have partnered together to deliver several workshops over the past couple of years.

“It’s incredible valuable what [DFP] are presenting. Our audience – being primarily developers – find it very difficult to find intel about what is happening in the funding and finance side of things,” he said.

“Working with the people [involved in] the projects, like DFP, is incredibly valuable to them.”

The workshop intended to unveil more of the front end of the loan structure and the fundamentals of getting the loans in place, giving participants more information about the process of purchasing property and funding the construction.

Talking through real life scenarios and case studies, and how issues are solved from a financing point-of-view is the type of practical learning that was most valued by clients and developers. Workshop attendees also got the opportunity to approach leading advisors and form a relationship, which often results in future business and financing opportunities.

DFP services a diverse range of clients from SME property developers and entry level firms, all the way through to international institutions with offices in Australia. The workshops and professional courses are created for all industry professionals, including emerging investors and developers, real estate agents and project marketers, and construction contractors and subcontractors.

Understanding the changing investor and lender environment is crucial for all property developers of any size or sector. Be the first to hear about upcoming events and gain the professional knowledge to adapt to any future market conditions by subscribing to DFP’s online newsletter. Click the subscribe button below.


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