How To Succeed In a Tightening Development Market: Property Development Finance Experts Event Showcase

How To Succeed In a Tightening Development Market: Property Development Finance Experts Event Showcase

The changing finance landscape for Property Developers has the industry hungry for information on how to maintain project momentum as tightening banking conditions continue.
In the last two weeks, Development Finance Partners, in association with The Urban Developer and Hall Chadwick held a series of sold out events in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.
The “Navigating the Funding Maze” events were designed to help Developers understand the variety of funding options now in the market and how best to determine which options to pursue.

Events Highlight Current Key Development Finance Challenges

The event highlighted the key challenges that have arisen in the last 12 – 18 months including:

  • Heightened settlement risk pertaining to the existing exposures of the major banks.
  • A lack of funding for FIRB purchasers.
  • An appetite for higher ROI lending vs property such as business lending from the banks.

Events Focus on Emerging Options and Strategies

On the positive side, the changes in the market are leading to increased levels of Non-Bank capital and more opportunistic acquisitions for developers.
Presenters highlighted:

  • The different types of funding available and how the market is pricing for risk
  • Top 4 construction finance tips for developers
  • An outline of different financing strategies and the most suitable strategy for different sized developments
  • Why Effective Structuring is important in a tightening market

What developers can expect from bank and non-bank lenders in 2017. Click here to download full presentation PDF.

Matt Royal, Director of DFP is not surprised at the level of interest in the events, “We know from our own enquiry rate and the feedback from these events that the market is hungry for practical alternatives”.

“Developers also know that there is still plenty of opportunity for sound returns in the market, but funding is currently their biggest hurdle.  We provide them with a solid understanding of how to get their projects funded and practical examples of how it’s being done in real case studies”.

Development Finance Partners in association with The Urban Developer and Hall Chadwick are planning a series of events through the year, to help developers stay on top of changing market conditions.
If you would like to receive an invitation to the next series of DFP events please subscribe to the DFP Newsletter in the top right hand section of our web site.

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