Don’t Wait for RBA to Save You Money and Onerous Pre-Sale Hurdles

“Debt is the lifeblood of sustainable property development.” Market conditions since 2009 have created a difficult environment for developers (particularly of development projects) as the majority of lenders have tightened pre sale hurdles and loan to value ratio (LVR) covenants. The success of a construction project will depend on a number of key components, including: […]


Opportunity: Costs No Pre-Sales

Before you commence any development project or investment, it is obviously important to initially determine how much you can borrow and how you will be able to manage all associated costs of the development. The Australian economy has seen many of the major players really tighten their lending criteria. Most banks are only interested to […]


Would You Put All Your Eggs In One Basket?

Most often, the mortgage economy prefers a lending system that can change as financing ideas evolve. We the consumers want some flexibility in the lending process because not every borrower is a letter-perfect loan applicant. Similarly, not too many lenders, or even mortgage investors, would want to play around with loans outside its safe harbour, […]


Is your bank making it difficult for you to borrow?

What are the non-bank alternatives? Whether you’re a highly experienced Property Developer or not, getting the financing of your Property Development right from the outset is a vitally important element of any Property Development Strategy. In today’s post GFC environment failing to incorporate a well structured financing strategy from the very beginning into the total […]


Preferential Equity or “Pref Equity” is it a solution?

It is common knowledge the Bank’s LVR’s have retreated a long way from pre GFC levels. Compounding this challenge to Property Developers has been the falling As Is Land Values and On Completion Values not to mention the higher levels of pre-commitments now required by the Banks. We have all seen the result, thousands of […]


January 2013 News

No Pre Sale Funding for Commercial DFP launched late last year a construction facility for our smaller residential developers. Where facilities up to $1.5 million can be facilitated with No Pre Sales and facilities up to $5 million on a case by case basis. We are now pleased to advise that this facility has now […]


October 2012 News

Funding Total Development Cost (TDC) With tighter credit policies being implemented it refreshing to see our underwriters leading the way. DFP is currently funding projects up to 80% of TDC. In some circumstances DFP has facilitated funding up to 85% TDC. Specifically we are looking at projects where the completed product is at entry point […]


Development Finance Partners Adding Value

DFP on the Move The Directors are pleased to announce that we have now moved into our new premises in Sydney: Level 7 50 Bridge Street Sydney, NSW, 2000 Please note our new Sydney telephone number 02 8916 6246. Exit Strategy for Banks With Banks and Secondary Institutions focused primarily on an exit strategy from […]

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