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Is There Blue Sky Ahead For Commercial Property Funding?

A recent long-range market analysis by property construction and development financing house Development Finance Partners has highlighted key fundamentals that argue for a confident outlook for commercial property investment and lending in Australia for the next five years. In this article we explain these factors and focus on how investors and developers can best leverage […]


Meeting the Property Development and Construction Funding Needs in Western Australia

West Australian Property Fund Managers are Seeking Eastern States Exposure Due to an over-concentration of their lending in West Australia, private fund managers/underwriters are seeking to diversify their portfolios and have engaged Development Finance Partners to become the lead manager for the eastern states, which is exciting news for our clients. With little or no […]


Beat the budget squeeze with Development Finance Partners

  By Development Finance Partners / Baxter Gamble Households across the country will soon feel the effects of the federal government’s recent budget. Cuts to family allowances and other rebates, and higher costs for health, education and fuel, will inevitably have an effect on household spending and consumer confidence in general. But what does the […]


Development Finance Partners offer Fast Funding up to $5.0m

Development Finance Partners is now pleased to offer a ‘Fast Funding’ solution up to $5.0m. Finance terms include: First and Second Mortgages Serviceability not required Impaired Credit accepted Residential and commercial security located anywhere in Australia Elevated loan to value ratios Fast settlements First mortgages from 1% per month Accept specialty security assets such as […]


What your banker will never tell you – Part 2

By Development Finance Partners / Matthew Royal As promised, in part 2 of “What your banker will never tell you” I will give you valuable insight into some of the general principles which Development Finance Partners uses to negotiate favourable outcomes with your bank/banker in times of stress and pressure, where a development went toxic, a […]


How Development Finance Partners negotiated a 60% reduction in debt for a major Client

By Development Finance Partners / Matthew Royal Sometimes cutting the losses is the only way out. But it doesn’t have to be as bad as it sounds. In this article I will tell you about a development where we helped a client to achieve a 60% debt reduction in the middle of the GFC. The Background […]


How Development Finance Partners organised a construction loan and accelerated one Developers profits

By Development Finance Partners / Matthew Royal Construction Finance via non-bank and private underwriters A substantial property developer had become frustrated with the major Banks and their inflexibility around debt coverage & construction loan with pre-sales.  In a 400 lot staged residential house and land estate in Sydney’s South West, the Client had previously achieved […]


Non-bank lending – Pros and cons of borrowing from a Bank

By Development Finance Partners / Matthew Royal How Development Finance Partners panel of non-bank lenders can benefit you Firstly the pros of Bank products, well that’s fairly obvious ….a lower interest rate. So what are the cons of borrowing through a Bank at a lower interest rate? The cons are less obvious however are extremely […]

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