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Development Finance Partners September 2019 Monthly Market Update

DFP Director Baxter Gamble shares the signs that the property development sector is improving and why the market is still cautious.    


DFP Celebrates The Completion Of First Affordable Housing Project

The affordability of housing in Australia has been an issue for some time and with limited wage growth, providing housing for essential service workers and the general public is a significant problem facing the Government. Development Finance Partners have developed an innovative financing model through the creation of Affordable Housing Funds bringing together investors, the […]


Five Key Strategies for Overcoming Financing Hurdles

As Australia’s property market takes tentative steps towards recovery, investors and developers are beginning to look for new finance opportunities. With more lenient lending practices in place and the cash rate reaching a historic low, many developers are primed to get the ball rolling on new projects. DFP has first-hand experiencing in working with property […]


August Monthly Property Development Market Update

DFP Director Baxter Gamble shares how the Property Development market is faring post rate cuts and regulation changes in our August Market Update.


Market Optimism Rises as Macroeconomic Factors Create Favourable Conditions

Over the past 18 months, Australian property developers have been seeking new growth opportunities in a market that has only offered tougher regulations and financial fallout. But, as we move into the back end of 2019, optimism and buyer confidence is returning to the residential market. In the domestic market throughout late 2018 and early […]


July Monthly Property Development Market Update

FP Director shares why developers should start to feel optimistic following further rate cuts and new changes to bank regulation.


The residential projects set to flourish as the market returns to optimism

In the wake of recent market conditions that brought prices down in Australia’s biggest cities and regional centres, the nation’s top regulators have continued to initiate significant change as the market swings back into optimism – creating new opportunities for residential developers delivering the right projects for the market. At the start of this month, […]


June Monthly Property Development Market Update

DFP Director Baxter Gamble shares a synopsis of the market conditions in June following the RBA rate cut and why conditions are still challenging.  

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