January 2013 News

January 2013 News

No Pre Sale Funding for Commercial
DFP launched late last year a construction facility for our smaller residential developers. Where facilities up to $1.5 million can be facilitated with No Pre Sales and facilities up to $5 million on a case by case basis.
We are now pleased to advise that this facility has now been extended to the Commercial Property market as well.
Funding will be leveraged to 80% of TDC or 65% GRV for Commercial Property.
For further enquires please do not hesitate to contact one of our Directors.
Total Funding Solution
DFP has recently negotiated a Total Funding Solution for property developers whom are seeking up to 90% of TDC for medium density residential development
This product is targeted at developments where TDC is circa $10 million and the client has had extensive experience in property development. Geographically the development must be located within the greater Sydney market.
The product consists of a blended first mortgage and pref equity facility and as such pricing generally reflects a joint venture structure than a straight debt structure.
If you would like to discuss the facility further please contact Baxter Gamble at the Sydney office.
Funding New Building Methods
DFP has recently funded two sites in the Illawarra where the developer has used a panelling system, comprising an Expanded Poly Styrene (EPS) core, pressed both sides with layers of Magnesium Oxide board (MGO), and surrounded with a reinforced structural steel keel system, form an impervious closed seal against wind and water, also providing superior structural strength and integrity.
EPS is a cost effective and versatile construction material, used in the core of our panelling system for its durability, light weight, moisture resistance, thermal efficiency, shock absorption capabilities and recyclability.
MGO is one of the most widespread construction materials used across Asia, the United States, and Europe. MGO substitutes the use of plasterboard on the internal lining of a dwelling and compressed fibre cement board on the exterior of a dwelling.
MGO is nontoxic, non-carcinogenic, fire retardant, water impervious, impact resistant, mould and fungal resistant, acoustic, light weight, pliable, recyclable and inexpensive
The panels provide unparalleled performance in relation to thermal efficiency, are water impervious, fire retardant, acoustically rated to Dw45, impact resistant, mould and fungal resistant, insect and pest resistant and contain no harmful chemicals / additives like formaldehyde and asbestos.
When the panels are interlocked with the steel frame they provide an incredibly strong and robust system that provides a thermal seal, preventing thermal drift and solar radiation gain / loss. The panel is the most innovative and dynamic product in the market today.
DFP would be delighted to hear from builders, finding it difficult to obtain funding due to their institution, not understanding new building methods.

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