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Private / Non-Conforming Lenders

Private / Non-Conforming Lenders for Construction FundingPrivate / Non-Conforming Lenders – what is it and how does it work

Private / Non-Conforming Lenders will provide funding against the end value of the product, generally after deduction of the GST payable under the margin scheme. In this scenario the lender will largely disregard the actual cost of the development and will take a risk position against the completed value of the asset.

In most cases, pre-sales be significantly low than the Banks, which means the developer does not have to discount stock or pay ridiculous sales commissions in order to achieve sales targets imposed by a most Banks. Development Finance Partners has access to lenders prepared to advance up to 75% of the end value of a development.

Read about our Private/Non Conforming Lenders funding solution for the landmark project Sophia House.

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