Property Development Insights

Effective Property Development Tax Structures

By David Kenney, Partner, Hall Chadwick As a tax adviser, there is nothing more frustrating than landing a great new client in a terrible property development tax structure. Small to medium developers often use a fresh entity/structure for each development to isolate risk, so they aren’t as susceptible as clients in other industries to structural […]


How to Choose the Right Finance Partner for your Development

Securing finance with the right finance partner centres around the careful science of matchmaking. We want to step you through a thoughtful process of how to go about finding the right finance partners for your business development. Know your strengths and weakness when applying for a finance business partner. As we all know, one of […]


Minimising Risk with Options

By David Kenney, Partner, Hall Chadwick Options are a useful way of minimising up-front costs and commercial risk for developers. As a tax adviser, I get asked all the time about the GST and duty implications of financial options. In fact, a new client of mine asked about GST on an option over a particular property. After […]


Development Funding – What are the real property development costs involved?

When looking at property development costs, the two most common questions from property developers are: “What is the “all up” rate of the bank’s facility?” – i.e. BBSY (Bank Bill Rate) plus Margin plus Line Fee; and “How high is the rate for Mezzanine Debt?” What many do not realise is that the common answers […]


Is Preferred Equity a solution?

Understand how preferred equity can support your property development funding It is common knowledge the Bank’s loan-to-value ratios have retreated a long way from pre-GFC levels. Compounding this challenge to Property Developers has been the falling ‘As Is Land Values’ and ‘On Completion Values’; not to mention, the higher levels of pre-commitments now required by […]


Cheap Money Isn’t Easy Money When It Comes To Development Funding

The current economic climate has had a profound effect on the property development sector, particularly on the way projects are financed. While interest rates are low, lenders are few and far between Interest rates are currently at a record low and are expected to remain low over the coming years as a result of the […]


Commercial Loan Workouts and Renegotiation

By Michelle Gamble How we can ensure property development projects remain profitable When unexpected changes in the market arise, it is important for developers to turn to experts early on to ensure that projects not only stay afloat, but also turn a profit. According to the Bureau of Statistics’ most recent figures, Australia’s economy shrank […]


Banter with Baxter (Part 1 of 5): Banter with Andrew Blundell from Worrells

DFP Director Baxter Gamble chats with Andrew Blundell from Worrells Accountancy and Insolvency. In the first of a series of 5 videos, Baxter chats with Andrew about the current challenges that builder-developers are facing given the unprecedented market conditions.  

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