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Is your bank making it difficult for you to borrow?

What are the non-bank alternatives? Whether you’re a highly experienced Property Developer or not, getting the financing of your Property Development right from the outset is a vitally important element of any Property Development Strategy. In today’s post GFC environment failing to incorporate a well structured financing strategy from the very beginning into the total […]


January 2013 News

No Pre Sale Funding for Commercial DFP launched late last year a construction facility for our smaller residential developers. Where facilities up to $1.5 million can be facilitated with No Pre Sales and facilities up to $5 million on a case by case basis. We are now pleased to advise that this facility has now […]


October 2012 News

Funding Total Development Cost (TDC) With tighter credit policies being implemented it refreshing to see our underwriters leading the way. DFP is currently funding projects up to 80% of TDC. In some circumstances DFP has facilitated funding up to 85% TDC. Specifically we are looking at projects where the completed product is at entry point […]


Development Finance Partners Adding Value

DFP on the Move The Directors are pleased to announce that we have now moved into our new premises in Sydney: Level 7 50 Bridge Street Sydney, NSW, 2000 Please note our new Sydney telephone number 02 8916 6246. Exit Strategy for Banks With Banks and Secondary Institutions focused primarily on an exit strategy from […]


Why even in this climate there is good news for developers

With the world watching closely, as Greece, Italy and Spain now struggle to meet there debt obligations, the developer on the street must be asking how this will impact me. Simply, Institutions and Banks across the Globe underwrite their capital adequacy through investment from other Institutions. After the GFC, Australian Banks’ looked to re-weight their […]


Common & Deadly Financing Mistakes

Banking Concentration Risk Most business people understand the risks associated having only one customer or supplier. Unfortunately when the GFC turned the market against the property development industry, Banks also turned against their developer clients. The worst affected developers were those who had all of their sources of liquidity and debt with the one supplier […]

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