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A Development and Funding Update from the Trenches

In today’s rapidly changing economic landscape, developers must remain up to date with what is happening on the front line. DFP have a deep understanding of the impact that current events are having on projects and funding, from the negotiation phase through to completion.  Funding in the current environment is the toughest we’ve seen it. […]


16 Things Developers Should Be Doing To Keep Moving In the COVID-19 Crisis

The global pandemic of COVID-19 is creating an unprecedented world for everyone – including developers – and the uncertainty is wreaking havoc on businesses in all industries across the country.  In Australia, COVID-19 is currently the biggest threat to our economy. Soon after the world health crisis was announced, the Reserve Bank dropped the interest […]


Risky Business: What Areas Should Developers Be Looking At To Reduce Risk?

Australia’s property industry has beckoned in the new decade with an astonishing recovery, offering an environment that seems very far removed from the strict lending conditions and declining optimism that the market faced in 2019 – but that doesn’t mean developers should stop looking to minimise risk across their assets. A new month in review […]


Development Finance Partners March 2020 Market Update

Development Finance Partners Director Baxter Gamble discusses how the Coronavirus crisis and the recent RBA rate cuts are impacting the Australian Property Development Market. Watch the video.    


How Property Developers Could Be Impacted By Global Events

Looking at the scale of current global economic challenges, it is clear that 2020 will be a tipping point for international politics and globalisation. What can we expect from Australia’s financial markets as we face the emerging threat of Coronavirus (COVID-19), while Brexit and the US-China trade war work toward a resolution?   COVID-19 Impact  […]


Infrastructure Spending Australia 2020

Government Infrastructure Spending 2020 Forecast At the end of 2019, our first top prediction for 2020 was that spending and investment in the Australia’s infrastructure – including roads, rail and renewable energy – would increase. What will this spending look like and what flow on effects will it have? Underpinned by our population growth, Australia’s […]


Development Finance Partners February 2020 Market Update

In this month’s property development market update, DFP Director, Baxter Gamble shares why the RBA has held interest rates, the signs that the property development market is starting to turn around, and where the opportunities are for developers.


Development Finance Partners January 2020 Market Update

Development Finance Partners Director Baxter Gamble shares how the Australian bush fire emergency and recent retail figures might impact the property market. Watch the video.

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