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Residual Development Stock Loans

Finance for unsold residual development stock

Property Developers can now access lo-doc and in some cases no-doc finance for un-sold residual stock.

Finance your un-sold stock to:

  • Hold on to your stock as a long-term incoming asset
  • Progressively sell down your stock on your own terms

Developers Residual Stock Loan Options and Terms

Developers Residual Stock Loan Options and Terms

Pricing terms and conditions for loans over $2.5 – 4M are available and are considered individually.

Preferred Location:
  • Sydney
  • Melbourne
  • Brisbane
Basis of Valuations:
  • All stock is valued as individual apartments ie NOT “In one line”
  • Willing buyer and seller ie NOT forced sale
  • Low Doc: Up to 30 years
  • No Doc: up to 1 year
Income Assessment:
  • Low Doc: Accountants Letter or Trading BAS statements
  • No Doc: Not applicable as interest is capitalized in the loan amount
Loan Est Fee:
  • Low Doc: 1.25% – 1.75%
  • No Doc: 1.5% – 1.75%
  • Any worthwhile purpose including Cash Out


  • All loans subject to sound credit assessment and credit scoring.
  • Non coded loans only.

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