Bank and Non-Bank Construction and Development Loans

Obtaining Construction Loans for Development Projects has become increasingly difficult as major banks tighten credit.

DFP have proven consistently they can quickly source Construction Loans for projects nationally from alternative funding sources.  DFP’s solutions are fast, flexible, well structured and provide strong commercial outcomes for their clients.  DFP have settled over $1 billion in funding solutions for their client.

“I understood the level of value that a good finance partner could add. If found the terms DFP provided were more favourable than what I could see elsewhere….we got the deal done which was the main thing.. I got all the money I needed to do the project”.
Lachlan Cottee, Developer, Brisbane

Construction Loans: What is Involved

Our Construction Loans Include:

  • No Pre-Sales Finance
  • Landbank Funding
  • Joint Venture Funding
  • Mezzanine Funding
  • Preferential Equity
  • Residual Development Stock Loans
  • Foreign Buyer Funding To Assist With Pre-Sales

“…Our project would not be coming out of the ground as we speak if we had gone the traditional major bank route and delays cost money and potentially even the whole project. Essentially the funds they have arranged have allowed us to get started and in turn finish quicker which is a key to delivering a successful project.”
Alasdair Baker, Director, Omira Property Group

Construction Loans: Case Studies

The Directors of Development Finance Partners have proven extensive expertise in construction, property development and finance and the contacts and connections to help you turn you plan into reality as showcased in their extensive Construction Finance Case Studies.

Contact Us To Get Construction Finance Fast

Contact Development Finance Partners for advice and expertise on obtaining the right construction loan for your project.

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