Land Bank Funding

DFP has a proven track record of arranging finance in the form “Land Bank Loans” to assist with the settlement of land in various stages of zoning and DA approvals.

During the Land Bank Loan term the Borrower/Property Developer is typically focused on de-risking the project by finalising all necessary remaining design, zoning and development/construction consents and approvals, marketing and obtaining presales, procuring a construction contract and obtaining construction finance approvals.

The repayment of a Land Bank loan is typically achieved through the initial settlement of the construction finance. In many cases DFP have also arranged the construction finance to settle a land bank loan, providing an end to end solution.

Land Bank loan interest rates, LVR’s, terms, and serviceability requirements can all be tailored to meet the individual requirements of the borrower and the level of risk

The Benefits of Land Bank of Funding

  • Funding can be provided without a DA
  • Pre-sales aren’t required in most cases
  • Gives the developer time to get ready for the construction phase (e.g. obtaining DA’s, building approvals and pre-sales if necessary)

Key examples of successful land bank funding solutions that Development Finance Partners have provided are:

What our clients say about our Land Bank Funding Solutions

“We chose to use DFP as our finance partner for this transaction as we felt confident they could deliver on a challenging funding proposition. DFP procured an optimal LVR outcome for our land bank opportunity under a tight settlement timeframe. We continue to work with DFP as they understand our business and continue to find innovative funding solutions for our capital requirements”

Nick Smedley, Managing Director

“This was a particularly difficult land settlement. It was a very complicated purchase structure with a lot of moving parts. DFP got it done in 6 days including valuation and land settlement. I chose to work with DFP again as I knew that they were one of the few finance partners who could navigate the complexities of the project and could leverage their existing network of contacts to get the result I needed.”

Jonathon Tyree
ARH Warriwood Pty Ltd

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