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4 Development Funding Options You Can’t Get From Your Bank

As Banks continue to place speed bumps and roadblocks to Developers seeking speed, consistency and flexibility in the approval process, Developers continually seek alternatives. Development Finance Partners (DFP) regularly  receives calls from clients who’ve been disillusioned by an experience with a Bank, particularly where the front line sales team are offering one thing, only to […]


Eight Essential Strategies to Get the Best Property Development Funding Partner

A lot can go right and even more can go wrong when sourcing and securing funding for a property development project. And starting with the wrong finance partner can be the single most critical point of failure. It’s also a mistake that is very difficult and very expensive to unwind. In this article we provide […]


Development Finance Partners offer Fast Funding up to $5.0m

Development Finance Partners is now pleased to offer a ‘Fast Funding’ solution up to $5.0m. Finance terms include: First and Second Mortgages Serviceability not required Impaired Credit accepted Residential and commercial security located anywhere in Australia Elevated loan to value ratios Fast settlements First mortgages from 1% per month Accept specialty security assets such as […]


How Development Finance Partners negotiated a 60% reduction in debt for a major Client

By Development Finance Partners / Matthew Royal Sometimes cutting the losses is the only way out. But it doesn’t have to be as bad as it sounds. In this article I will tell you about a development where we helped a client to achieve a 60% debt reduction in the middle of the GFC. The Background […]


How Development Finance Partners organised a construction loan and accelerated one Developers profits

By Development Finance Partners / Matthew Royal Construction Finance via non-bank and private underwriters A substantial property developer had become frustrated with the major Banks and their inflexibility around debt coverage & construction loan with pre-sales.  In a 400 lot staged residential house and land estate in Sydney’s South West, the Client had previously achieved […]


Current Funding Trends for Property Development

By Development Finance Partners / Matthew Royal Funding Trends – Historical Background The diversification of funding sources in the private sector to support property development is continuing. Looking at today’s trends, it is worthwhile to review the changes that have occurred in the last 30 years, to provide an understanding of the fundamental shifts during […]


No pre-sales funding; removing a hurdle in the project finance

By Development Finance Partners / Matthew Royal An example of a nil pre-sales facility The Brief A Developer was introduced to Development Finance Partners after having lengthy delays with a major bank and their protracted assessment process of several months due the this development being only the second project for the new developer, a new […]


Development Finance Trends

By Development Finance Partners / Matthew Royal The construction finance market is changing rapidly. In this blog post article i will tell you about the latest trends in development finance. The availability of Private and other Non-Bank Funding sources to support the construction industry continues to grow. Such growth is in response to several factors, […]

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