Interest Rates

An Australian Recession? – What It Means for Property Development Funding

There has been a lot of media coverage and street talk recently around whether or not Australia might dip into Recession in the 2016 calendar year. Development Finance Partner Director Baxter Gamble assesses this outlook and what it means for property and construction development funding. Adding to the recent media coverage has been the language of […]


Current Funding Trends for Property Development

By Development Finance Partners / Matthew Royal Funding Trends – Historical Background The diversification of funding sources in the private sector to support property development is continuing. Looking at today’s trends, it is worthwhile to review the changes that have occurred in the last 30 years, to provide an understanding of the fundamental shifts during […]


How Good Risk Management Can Protect Your Investment

By Development Finance Partners / Matthew Royal At this particular time in 2013 we have two clashing scenarios going on. On the one hand, with our current low interest rates, the time is ripe for investing in property developments. However on the other hand, the banks are tightening up their lending criteria, making it difficult […]


Housing Recovery? Yes, but only modest at this stage

By Development Finance Partners / Matthew Royal This blog post will take you into a world of housing market changes caused by the most recent interest rate change. Do we see housing recovery? The RBA dropped the cash rate to 2.75% in May 2013. This compares with the cash rates of the 1950’s and 1960’s. […]

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