Risk Management


The serious impact that the current credit squeeze is having on the property development industry has been well reported by both DFP and widely broadcasted by the wider press. Globally we are all bearing witness to the volatility in markets created by sudden regulatory and monetary policy.


Eight Essential Strategies to Get the Best Property Development Funding Partner

A lot can go right and even more can go wrong when sourcing and securing funding for a property development project. And starting with the wrong finance partner can be the single most critical point of failure. It’s also a mistake that is very difficult and very expensive to unwind. In this article we provide […]


How Good Risk Management Can Protect Your Investment

By Development Finance Partners / Matthew Royal At this particular time in 2013 we have two clashing scenarios going on. On the one hand, with our current low interest rates, the time is ripe for investing in property developments. However on the other hand, the banks are tightening up their lending criteria, making it difficult […]


Opportunity: Costs No Pre-Sales

Before you commence any development project or investment, it is obviously important to initially determine how much you can borrow and how you will be able to manage all associated costs of the development. The Australian economy has seen many of the major players really tighten their lending criteria. Most banks are only interested to […]

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