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“I have worked with the Directors of DFP on my very first development project I ever undertook. When looking for a sound finance partner on this current project I decided to partner with DFP again to ensure our project had the best chance of getting off the ground.   The DFP team have been in the industry for a very long time and have an in depth knowledge of what it takes to get the right finance package together to get a project going. They also have a very extensive database of good industry contacts and were able to work with us to ensure the right parties came together to get the funding we required. We needed finance with no presale requirements and that is exactly what we got. Our project would not be coming out of the ground as we speak if we had gone the traditional major bank route and delays cost money and potentially even the whole project. Essentially the funds they have arranged have allowed us to get started and in turn finish quicker which is a key to delivering a successful project.”

- Alasdair Baker, Director, Omira Property Group

“Thanks to Development finance partners our project has secured funding in a regional area zoned for tourist use. To date DFP have been nothing short of a pleasure to deal with. They have been willing to spend time to understand the finance requirements with restrictions and to put a workable funding option together, that would not be an option with any of the major banks. I look forward to continuing our relationship on this project and others.”

- Tom Bishop

“If you’re prepared to fund a lot of the extra expenses to get yourself to that point it’s sensational, because you get a lot more profit at the back end. Preferential equity is definitely something we’d consider again.  ”

- Warren Swanston, Visie Properties

“From a developer perspective it allowed us to access locked equity on order to fund our next project. The well-structured deal, which was circa a few million dollars, was not readily available from banks and DFP offered a viable solution. Preferred equity is certainly a solution that we will use again to unlock the funds we need to support future growth.”

- Nicholas Smedley

“I thank you for your conviction and perseverance on getting this project funded. From day one we were confident you were fighting from our corner and that did not stop until we got there.”

- Jon Mead, General Manager, Bolkm Pty Ltd

“DFP’s professionalism, combined with their vast experience, range of key industry contacts and in-depth knowledge of both the property and finance industries, creates a significant value proposition to property developers and investors, one that is truly unparalleled. From a banker’s perspective, these qualities, together with their depth of thought, deep understanding of the banking industry, as well as the ability to advise on and control all aspects of a project, provides a significant level of credibility and comfort to the bank in structuring funding proposals.”

- Mark Trayner, Senior Business Banking Manager, NAB

“DFP continually deliver concise, clear, well-structured financial solutions in a timely manner”

- Kerry Shambly, Capital Transactions, Woolworths

“They get the job done. They understood the urgency and made it happen”

- S Elias, Managing Director, Chase Property Italian Forum & The Grid

“I work with them because they always deliver what they say they will.”

- Patrick Yu, CEO, Sterling Estates, City Quarter, Sydney

“You can set any reasonable hurdles for them and they’ll get over them and deliver a financial package tailored to your needs.”

- F Montesano, Managing Director Spencer Law Partners, Sophia House

“When the directors of DFP say no ‘problem’, they mean it.”

- Tim Efkarpidis, CEO, Molongo Group, Canberra
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