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Turn Key Funding

Turn Key Construction Funding

Turn Key funding – what is it and how can it help me with my next construction funding?

Development Finance Constructions (DFC) funding packages also known as Turn Key funding is a sophisticated construction funding tool, which allows our clients for larger developments to reduce the cash equity requirement needed, reduce pre-sale hurdles and moves the risk of delivery of the project to the builder. 
This process due to its very nature facilitates a more risk adverse credit facility based on:

  • The initial cash advance is limited therefore reducing the bank exposure to the site; which in turn,
  • Reduces the initial debt cover ratio (pre-sales);
  • The builder is locked into a pre-agreed price; which in turn,
  • Reduces the builder’s ability to apply for variations to the contract price; which in turn,
  • Maintains the integrity of the P & R

The team at Development Finance Partners has facilitated this funding package against some of the most well know national residential and commercial developments on the East Coast including:

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